zero waste blanket coat video tutorial

My very first video tutorial! :D

With this pattern I recommend that you use a dummy (or yourself or a friend) to adjust it to your size and liking. Also, every blanket is different so it's good to make sure it fits. 

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1. Find a blanket that you like and want to make a coat out of.

2. Measure which size that fits you (pattern in the previous post) and decide the length you want (or the blanket allows). Then cut the pattern. If you get any leftovers you can make a shopper! I love blanket shoppers!

3. Serge or zig zag all the pattern pieces to make sure it doesn't tear. Just be sure to not serge at the outer edges of the blanket where there's fringes or a nice finish.

4. Start by pinning the bottom piece to your dummy and add one shoulder piece at the time. This is where you make sure that it will fit you and that you get the collar that you want, adjust the opening in the front how you like it and adjust the armholes to fit the circumference of your sleeves.

5. Sew the shoulder pieces on to the front and back the way you have pinned it. Here it's important that you pin well so you can see where you have to sew. I always put my pins in a vertical direction so I can sew over them if I want and everything stays in place while I sew.

6. Sew the sleeves and attach it by machine under the arm while you handstitch it over where the fringes are (if there's no fringes you could sew in the sleeves as normal). Make sure to use a thick and solid thread and make a nice and (almost) invisible seam.

7. Make a dart on each side in the neck to make a better fit over the shoulders. Mine was 1,5 cm deep. Fasten the dart with a seam so it makes a long triangle, this makes it more flat.

8. Fold in the outside of the collar ca 1,5 cm and attach it by hand. Make it as smooth as you can in the neck.

9. To make a closing with pushbuttons; iron the right side in ca 5 cm and make a post (I have no idea if this is the right expression for 'stolpe' in english, anyway I'm referring to the underlayer of a closing) on the left side ca 4 cm deep. Measure up the distance you want between your pushbuttons and attach them. Fasten the opening flaps by hand afterwards.

10. The last thing to sew now is the pockets. Fold the upper side of the pocket ca 4 cm (or adjust it the way you want it) down and put a seam over. Then iron and press the other sides in before you place and pin the pockets where you want them. Be sure to measure the same distance on each side of the opening out to the pockets.

11. Fold the sleeves up as much as you like. Then press and iron the coat and the seams nicely and then - tata! You've made yourself a cosy and nice blanket coat :)